What is Courage? – Don’t Let Fear Stop You

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The greatest battles are not physical but psychological.  The demons telling us to give up. When we push ourselves, there are no limitations.  What is courage? Simple put it is just that…courage. We all suffer, we all go through things, and we all experience storms, but we must get up and keep going!

What is courage, it is mustarding up the nerve to be free.  Courage is accepting your flaws and still loving yourself regardless.  Courage is acknowledging the time that you have and maximizing on it.  Courage is not being afraid.  Courage is doing what you have to do – to get done what you need done.  Courage is asking for help when you need it.  Courage is seeing the problem and working to resolve it.  Courage is acknowledging that what will be…will be.  Courage is acknowledging that you are not always right.

Courage is giving.  Courage is forgiving.  Courage is saying I’m sorry.  Courage is your willingness to love.  Courage is your strength.  Courage is shedding tears when people are around.  Courage is not giving up.  Courage is being hopeful.  Courage is being open.  Courage is being honest.  Courage is saying what others won’t.  Courage is not being in competition with anyone, but you.  Courage is understanding that everything or everyone isn’t for you. Courage is in silence.  Courage is being slow to speak and quick to listen.  Courage is acknowledging your purpose.  Courage is asking forgiveness.  Courage is speaking up.  Courage is in being you.  Courage is making the first move.  Courage is rejecting negativity and being positive.  Courage is singing when you know you can’t.

Courage is in being a (single) mom.  Courage is being a woman.  Courage is not giving up.  Courage is acknowledging things will be okay.  Courage is acknowledging that your bad days will not out weight your good (days).  Courage is expressing your feelings.  Courage is acknowledging when to let go. Courage is fighting for what is right.  Courage is not letting judgmental people stop you.  Courage is acknowledging you deserve better.  Courage is “shooting your shot.”

Courage is not following the crowd.  Courage is being a leader.  Courage is being a free spirit.  Courage is following your dreams.  Courage is doing what you thought you couldn’t.  Courage is encouraging yourself.  Courage is finding humor within your pain.  Courage is smiling through your rain.  Courage is relying on others when you need them the most.  Courage is acknowledging your greatness.

It all seems impossible, until it’s done. What is courage, it is being you!

What is Courage?


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What is Courage? – Don’t Let Fear Stop You
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