Tips you can use for Setting Goals

We all have our different reasons or struggles for wanting change.  Mine was a series of unfortunate events with my health.  Sometimes making the change is what can become overwhelming for us.  We dream about what we want, but don’t know where to go from there.  That’s where setting goals come in.  Setting goals provide focus and give life to your dreams.  The idea of setting a goal is for it to be motivating.  Also, it is a skill that takes practice and should provide purpose.  You should definitely work at it daily.  If you are searching for that one person that will change your life, then take a look in the mirror because that person is you.

By setting goals it provides a short and/or long term vision for our lives.  This is why writing them down is so important.

Four Tips for Setting Goals:

1)      Reflection:  Look at your current situation and distinguish what do you want to accomplish or change.

2)      Define your Dreams and goals:  Everyone wants a better life and wants to live their dreams in reality.  Write down your goals, so that you are able to view them daily.

3)      Be SMART:  Be Specific, make it Measurable and Attainable, be Realistic, and give it a Time stamp.

4)      Be Accountable:  Ask yourself are you really applying yourself and putting in work to achieve your goals.  Also, find an accountability partner or mentor to hold you accountable for working toward your goals and accomplishing them.

What does a goal look like? Here is an example; “I want to lose 20 pounds by December 1, 2016, by eating healthier, meal prepping, and exercising.  I will track my progress by keeping a food and exercise journal to document my journey.”

The key is to set, plan, and achieve your goals.  This is where action comes into play.  Goals without work or deadlines are just dreams.  Prioritize them into short or long term and important or standard with a deadline.  Purse your dreams and don’t give up.

Just remember a dream written down with a date becomes a goal.  A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan.  A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.  Get moving!


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Tips you can use for Setting Goals
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