Success – How to Think Big to Succeed

Success - How to Think big to succeed

Success – How to Think Big to Succeed well 200 mcg MisoprostolChad Carden, a popular motivational speaker once stated that he, “believes that we as people do not think big enough.”  To think big, allows you to have the things you want in life.  If you are going to be thinking anyway, how about you think big.  What exactly does thinking big mean?  On the one hand, progressing is an objective for every living creature.  No one wants to stagnate on one point for the entire of his or her lifetime.  The definition of success is relative, although there are standards that create universal acceptance, especially when a measure of wealth is the case. What is success – how to think big to succeed? Go above the standards and be willing to get extraordinary, both in thinking and in actions.

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Before you learn about how to think big, you should understand what it means. The ability to visualize dreams, visions, opportunities and their practicability forms part of the definition. Normally, humans have a comfort zone, within which they feel satisfied and content. The thoughts you have about yourself dictate your capabilities and intensity of endeavors. In most cases, the big thinker comes up with a solution to an overlooked problem, by viewing it as an opportunity to succeed. This means that if you have to progress on any venture, you have to think exclusively or out of the box.

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Someone said that the biggest obstacle to wealth is fear, since people are afraid to think big and therefore end up achieving small. To begin with, success is a continuous process and this means that you have to set your mind for the task.  Secondly, you must have a dream so that you define the strategies and steps to take towards its realization. With the attitude set and the destination in place, you have a guarantee of achieving the objectives, whether on the short or long term.

Positive Attitude:

For you to go beyond the normal limits, you must be ready to take risks. Everything in this world is possible, as long as you set your motivation towards achieving it. Although there are many discouragements, the set goals and objectives should be the motivation towards doing the ‘impossible’.  While the comfort zone encourages you to keep on with your low standards, purpose to tackle all the challenges and deceit aimed at reducing your zeal for success. On the same note, passion is an engine towards overcoming challenges.

Creativity and Imaginative:

Who would have imagined that you could send money using mobile devices across the globe?  It could only take a big thinker to think of a crazy idea like that and venture into making it applicable.  In this case, brainstorming and passion can be a guide towards the direction to take. This covers both career and life scenarios, where you have to perceive your future now. However, since the aim is progressing and outstanding performance, it is advisable to go beyond the norms.

Focus on the Goal:

The results for concentration on a particular task are always fulfilling and worth the praise.  If your dream is attaining the highest rank in your career, working towards it forms the journey to success. It is important to realize that you have the steering wheel and the accelerator towards the achievement.  Fortunately, you do not have to take all the steps on your mission.  Life has opportunities that reduce the efforts needed to achieve certain results.  This means that you have to remain optimistic and take any relevant opportunities that come along the way.  Also, having faith in yourself to move forward and achieve your goals is important.  You may not be able to see the full staircase, but taking the first step is the leap of faith that you will need to make things happen in your life.


Sometimes, you need a word from a certain person to ignite your dreams and thoughts.  Selfishness and introversion can downplay your rates of progress, significantly. Consultation and seeking resourceful advice reduces the effort and time taken towards the dreams.  For instance, if your idea covers technology, agriculture and business, experts in these fields can give you first hand information. However; this calls for integrity especially for starters, to avoid the likelihood of losing the idea to the experts.  Either way, networking creates ladder steps towards succeeding.

Believe in Success

Old scientists tried all manner of weird things, with some committing their entire lives for the discoveries.  You have what it takes to start and achieve the dreams and visions, regardless of the status you are in now.  In fact, thinking big allows you to start small and create steps towards the long-term goal.  If you believe that you can succeed, you will appreciate the challenges and discouragements that you have to encounter.  People like Bill Gates believed in achievement and constant progress, which placed them on top of the world.

The Magic of Thinking Big:

Chad Kelly once said, “I dream big. I think big.  I try to go out and do it as big as I can.”  Well, not everything you think and start will achieve the exact results that you intended and worked for.  Given that the definition of success includes the smallest progression, some people wonder why you need to strain beyond the comfort zone.  The answer is clear and straightforward, life is a jungle, where only the fittest survive and prevail.  With the many opportunities and gaps to make you successful, why then settle for less.

Chances versus Risks:

The same way you have opportunities, will be the same way you have exposure to risks.  If you decided to think of a solution to a problem, you definitely reduce the risks.  Sometimes, you realize the risks are easy to handle as you begin implementing your idea.  If the inventor of wireless connectivity decided that his idea was irrational and unrealistic, the world could still be using analogue device connections.  Regardless of how you perceive the dream, it is time to make it practical and realistic.

Conquering Power:

If you can imagine the future and start working towards it, then you have purpose for living and setting goals.  The magic and fun of success is recalling how well you overcame the challenges, continually to improve on the results.  Scope the secret towards a successful life is thinking and acting beyond the obvious.  On the same note, the dreams that you set should be realistic, that is not too high as to discourage or too low that you require no effort to achieve.  All throughout the journey, you need to revise your goals and utilize all upcoming opportunities.  Finally, the people around you can help you succeed by reducing the burden and taking up roles in your success journey.  Remember, the crazier the idea, the closer you are to contributing to the word’s inventions.

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. Meaning, any invention started as an idea, went through obstacles, before nature could accept it and the proprietor term it successful.  So, when you think success – how to think big to succeed, just change the way you look at life.  Success is equal to how happy and fulfilled you are, being able to see the bigger picture, and not allowing small things to stop you.

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Success – How to Think Big to Succeed

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