Single Mom: Most importantly don’t forget to work on you!

Being a single mom has to be one of the hardest things to do in life, but it is also the most rewarding. I know what it feels like being responsible for little people that depend on you for EVERYTHING! If being a parent meant running and handling things all alone, many women would have opted out of the job.  However; the rest of us when we think about motherhood, would have reconsidered in a heartbeat giving it all up just to see their little smiles, melt at the “I love you’s,” embrace the sweet kisses, and the most precious of them all being called “mommy.”

Becoming a mom takes a special kind of woman to handle difficult tasks with no formal training. You are literally everything to your kids.  You are the doctor, counselor, chef, tutor, maid, etc.  Nothing gets pass you, you are the negotiator in hostile situations between two year olds fighting over T-Rex the Dinosaur.  Being responsible to make decisions regarding raising children into productive, happy, self-sufficient adults takes strength and even couple glasses of wine 😉 LOL.

As a woman and even as mom don’t forget how important it is to work on you! Because if you are not right neither are your children.

To become the woman you want to be and flourish you have to design your happiness even if things seem chaotic. Set goals personally and professionally, write down your achievements think of all of things you have accomplished then review them as a daily reminder, and do something new get out of your comfort zone and scratch some things off your bucket list.  Learn to live your life unapologetically.  You should not have to answer to anyone but yourself. Things will be confusing; will seem upside down, and will be anything but normal.  Push through; amazing is just over the arisen waiting for you.

To become the mom you want to be and flourish you will have to recognize and embrace your magic. You weren’t blessed to be anything less than great.  Make yourself a priority too set aside “me time” to recharge, enjoy your little ones embrace the simple things even if money is tight, and create a single mom club so that you can interact with other single moms because this could be the booster that you need.

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Single Mom: Most importantly don’t forget to work on you!
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