Ready for Thanksgiving – 4 Things to Remember to Enjoy your Day and Hopefully Avoid Overeating!

Just in case if you didn’t know, overeating isn’t healthy. However; on special days like Thanksgiving, it is hard to avoid turkey, pies, and all the fixings. Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Here are four helpful reminders to enjoy your day. Things you should never do after overeating; lie down, keep stuffing yourself, etc.  Some things to help you the day of Thanksgiving, eat earlier in the day, use smaller plates, serve a food buffet style, and drink plenty of water, overeating may feel unavoidable, but it really is.


ready for thanksgiving


site 4 Things to Remember to Enjoy your Day and Hopeful Avoid Overeating:

  1. helpful hints Avoid wearing tight clothes. It may be your favorite and nicest outfit to wear, but when it comes to feasting that outfit choice may interfere with the digestive process once you are done eating. Keep your clothes relaxed, comfy, and loose.
  2. forxiga price in jordan Don’t skip meals. Before or after a day of overeating, you may feel like saving up for the upcoming large meals or avoiding meals thereafter, but be cautious and make healthy choices regarding your food selection. This means eating something nourishing for breakfast to kick-start your metabolism and to set a healthy tone for the day.
  3. Stay Hydrated. Eating or drinking may be the last thing you feel like doing when your stomach has reached maximum capacity, but drinking water it can help the digestive process. Not only does drinking water before and during a meal help with digestion, it may also contribute to satiety and reduce over eating. Also, if you like tea, a warm cup of ginger, lemon, or peppermint tea can do a world of good for that upset stomach.
  4. Don’t lie down. When you feel extra full, it’s all about trying to get some much needed comfort. While lying down may feel like the best option it may only make you feel worse. When you lay down too quickly after eating, this puts additional pressure on your stomach and cause heartburn. So avoid moving to the couch and opt for a walk instead. It will help stimulate your digestion system and metabolize your food faster.

These tips will help with damage control when it comes to getting ready for Thanksgiving and overeating.  Be mindful in regards to what to do to prevent overeating.  Use self-control, keep a food diary, and exercising helps.

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Ready for Thanksgiving – 4 Things to Remember to Enjoy your Day and Hopefully Avoid Overeating!
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