Productivity – How To Improve Your Productivity

Productivity - How to Improve Your Productivity

Sometimes it feels so impossible to move towards your dreams because the competition is just so much. We wonder how we can make the needed leaps to move beyond our present position.  How do we harness these skills and make those ideas come to fruition? The bottom line is we’re always in pursuit of something, we want to move forward and achieve more, we want to improve and acquire more success.  Sometimes it’s not about putting in more hours, it’s about working smarter.  Darius Foroux says, ‘a productive life equals a happy life’. Buckle down and let’s run down a few ideas on how to improve your productivity check this site out .

We all want results, we want good and positive outcomes, we want growth and our ideas to flourish.  Also, we want to sit back, point our finger with satisfaction, and with a little glow in our eyes saying, “I did that,” “we did that,” and “I made that that happen.”

tadacip online canada Goal Setting

More often than not, setting goals helps us sharpen our focus. They serve as a blueprint and abundance to our existence or pointers to the direction we need to focus on when we seem to be losing focus.  Try not to set too many goals.  Set major long term goals then break each of them down into bits of manageable tasks.  When you have a clear picture of what you want to achieve for the year, month or week, it makes it easier to channel your activities towards them and put aside distractions.  Get a to-do list and stick to it.  It’s a good reminder of what you should be doing.

Avoid Unnecessary Multitasking

Some of us are good at multitasking while some of us suck at it yet can’t help but behave like a jack of all trades. Have you ever spent so much time trying to do three or more things at a go in a bid to finish fast yet end up not finishing any?  That’s what happens when you do not give all your focus and concentration to one important task at a time.  Having those multiple and unrelated tabs open on your PC and switching between them randomly only slows down your work pace.

Learning never stops

Seize every chance you get to improve upon your knowledge, to learn and to educate yourself the more. Improve your skills.  Don’t be satisfied with what you learnt years ago, learning doesn’t stop at high school or college.  It’s a continuous process of becoming better at what you do.  Master your trade like your life depended on it.  Your capacity to learn will play off in the end.


Learn to delegate tasks to subordinates, team members, or partners. Any task that can be efficiently carried out by another person should be delegated.  You could invest that time saved in doing more important tasks screaming for attention.  That way, you can improve your productivity level.  Seek assistance and accept help when it is offered.

Set Deadlines

This follows closely with procrastination. Some of us work better with the pressure from deadlines while some work better when they have to be accountable to a superior.  Deadlines could be a very good motivator and just the push needed to set to work.

Turn Off the Notifications for a Minute

The internet has eaten so deep into our productive time. We mostly feel the urge to respond to every mail, ping, or message as they come, check blog stats, refresh the news feed, keep up with trends, etc.  If it is unrelated to the task you have at hand, by all means, turn it off for some hours and input all that time and attention into finishing your task.  That’s some productive time salvaged. Take advantage of little breaks at work to clear the e-mails and check your social media.

Write things down

You do not have the memory of an elephant. Ideas come in a flash.  Learn to write things down.  Have a jotter and pen or a mobile notepad handy so you write down and build on them later.  No matter your chosen field, this will come very handy.

We hope the few suggestions on how to improve your productivity listed above will make a positive difference as you practice them. Become more.




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Productivity – How To Improve Your Productivity
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