Feeling Lost and Not Sure of Yourself

Not understanding why I cannot get it right. I have done or have at least taken the proper steps to be on a productive path for my life, but things just are not lining up.  I have gotten the degrees, live right and follow the rules, carry myself in a lady like manner, and polite to everyone.  However; professionally and personally, I feel like my life is mundane.  There is no excitement.  I am not living life…I am basically just here wondering what is the point.  Are you feeling lost and not so sure of yourself?

Sometimes I feel that I’m existing in a world of people that I’m hiding amongst or just fading in the back. Not wanting to bring attention to myself, but I have have grown tired of feeling lost.  How do I change the course that I am on right now in life?  The idea that people should be aggressive and never give up can become mentally draining after a while.  Especially when you are trying to save face and put on a happy smile for the people.  What is the point of giving it my all when I am faced with one let down after another?

How do we  exist in a world full of people that feel lost? If you are trying to learn how to move forward and find motivation, think about what you want.  Something that is a constant reminder is that we have the power to create the life that we desire.  As hard as it may seem, we were not presented with “you will suck” life cards.  There is seemingly no one person better than the other.  If you feel this way, then it is really a self-esteem issue within yourself that you will want to evaluate.  Understand that someone else’s drive may be set up different than ours.  We do not know their story.  We do not know how many times they failed before reaching their level of success and we just do not know their mental thought process on how they think when working towards goals.

http://comparebackgroundcheckapis.com/wp-config.save go now Some things to consider:

  1. Figure out what are your dreams and desires.
  2. What are some of your life goals?
  3. Mediate/manifest on those things that you want.
  4. Write down what you want in a notebook or create a vision board with these things as goals.
  5. Put your dreams to action.Feeling Lost


Embrace feeling lost, it is the beginning state of doing it your way.  What are you motivated about?


Tips you can use for Setting Goals

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Feeling Lost and Not Sure of Yourself
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