Dream Success Soar High

God created people with the vision and desire to soar.  It comes to us in our dreams.  Most times that’s how they remain…as a dream.  Think of this, there has never been a time when an eagle never bothered to learn how to fly.  That is because eagles were born with the desire to fly.  People think excelling and soaring into success is hard to obtain, but that is not true.  To soar is to fly aloft and increase rapidly above the usual level.  That means that people were not placed here on Earth to settle, be okay with an average life, and content with struggling.  What is amazing, is that God gives us stories through dreams providing great symbolic meaning.  For instance, soaring means freedom, success, and adventure.  Dreams explain who we are as people.  It aides with our growth.  God will never mislead you.  Dream success, soar high!

Understand that in order to soar, we must first jump.  When taking that leap, our parachute will not open right away.  Things like doubtful people, fear, and failure are only some the hurdles that we will face.  I cannot say that it will be easy, but it will be worth it.

Dealing with fear, doubtful people, and failure:

  • Fear – hesitation, anxiety, and uncertainty of success or freedom delays personal growth.  First understand why.  Then turn fear into your friend and soar.
  • Doubtful people – some people are afraid to be who they were meant to be and at times can be pushed on to others.   The best way to overcome this is to continue to work (in silence) and let success speak for itself.
  • Failure – people all experience failure at some point in their lives.  Mickey Rooney says, “You always pass failure on your way to success.”  Get up and try again.

Dreams can come true even if things do not go as planned, but they do not work unless you do.  Do not give up keep pushing forward.  Dream success soar high.



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Dream Success Soar High
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